Gabon is home for more than 50 ethnic groups: Fang, Miene, Punu, Kota or Teke among the Bantu as well as the Baka and Babongo among the pygmies. All with amazing ancestral cultures and traditions expressed in the form of numerous rites.

Ritos y Cultura | Gabon untouched
Mapa Cultural de Gabón | Gabon Untouched
The mystical sounds of the mongoungou harp, citar, choque, bizanza & tam tam, along with ritual dancing and singing can be seen and heard around the ever present glow of fire…aimed at facilitating a spiritual journey to its true essence.


Indigenous people from the forest in central Gabon. They discovered the spiritual power of the Iboga root and shared it with the Bantu tribes.


Bwiti Dissoumba & Misoko, Okoukue, Mukudji, Ndjembe. Masks & reliquaries, mystical music singing and dance…expressions of an unparalleled ancestral spiritual tradition.

The bark of the root of indegenous Iboga plant, the “Bois Sacre”, is “the door opener” in the widespread initiatic tradition of The Bwiti.

Tatayo, Ndongo
Provocateur of love and connection with the sacred.

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